Thamen Trading complex is composed of numerous technical units. In this section you can see this unit with images and descriptions.


One aspect of beauty of forging products is reflection of natural and creature on inanimate metal. It's just because of using different curls and bending that give special soul to the four-sides. Today's bending is done by special devices that need experienced operator. Samen Ferforge's bending unit is formed by two functional phases and use 20 bending device at all. BendingBending

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One of the best ways to splice metal pieces to each other is using welding. Metal Pieces welding has wide range but in order to improve…

Stone Work

Cast-iron producing by foundry and connecting different part to each other will make excrescence on products. For this reason, stone work unit starts to work to…

Shot Blasting

Produced final productions of Samen Ferforge spend long process. This process leads to attract welding smoke, environmental dust on four-sides that give carbon mode to pieces…

Products Ware house

Samen Ferforge has high volume of production that is known Samen as the first Middle East producer.

Scissors Line

This line settled next to the four-sides warehouses and work with 20 scissors. Almost, all production lines of this complex use from this raw material.

Export Unit

All producing products need raw material, human resource and the other lines use facilities that are managed by logistics unit. In order to easy access and…


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