Thamen Trading complex is composed of numerous technical units. In this section you can see this unit with images and descriptions.

Faux Painting

Samen's products are used promontory. In order to highlight beautifulness in a piece, painting unit use faux painting. In addition to beauty of the product, makes recessed and raised point of them more attractive.

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Projects of this Product


Forging is one of the old art in metal and iron field. From the past iron workers produce variety products for agriculture, life appliance, etc. By…

Furnaces Color

Furnace Color is one of the best stable color. Powder electro-static color is another name for them. By the use of electro-static color, the surface of…

Products Ware house

Samen Ferforge has high volume of production that is known Samen as the first Middle East producer.

Scissors Line

This line settled next to the four-sides warehouses and work with 20 scissors. Almost, all production lines of this complex use from this raw material.


Casting is done by special molds; these templates are known as tablet. Samen cast iron units for the daily production of 90 tons of casting products;…


Cast-iron producing by foundry and connecting different part to each other will make excrescence on products. For this reason, stone work unit starts to work to…


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