The design of Laleh doors one of those which has simplicity and complexity at the same time.


Product : Laleh

The design of Laleh doors one of those which has simplicity and complexity at the same time. The complexity and prolic in the middle of the door that integrated with simplicity of the sides of the door brings beautiful and charming design to every passerby. With a closer look at the door the design and plans of beautiful carpet which is called Toranj evokes in Iranians mind.

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There are always different tastes among different segments of society why successful companies think that they can meet the tastes of its varied customer satisfaction.

Luxury Sens

Sens Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral in Sens in Burgundy, eastern France.


The techniques used in this Staircase are the most up-to-date and most sophisticated methods of making forged products in Iran.


Pichak design is a symbol of beauty of God's creation, benefiting beautiful nature and model of animals and plant could be one of Samen Corporation Products. When you note to the end of straps will resemble a snail in your mind. Even the leaves that are symbols of cypress, pine, tulips and other beautiful plants could be noted in the door.


Combination of the world's leading wrought iron art and old inscriptions were shown in this door. More attention and deeper into the door with the inscription reminds us of the beautiful old doors throws. The door can give authority to your building.Combinations of the world-leading wrought iron art and old inscriptions are shown in this door.

Royal Chenaran

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This door is designed in 1900 by a French designer. Certainly, it's the most beautiful door all over the world which is used for Petit palace one of the most famous museum in France.