English Model

English Model is one of the most simple and classical product of this company.

English Model

Product : English Model

English Model is one of the most simple and classical product of this company. You can find this model all around the world. Because this model is so simple and has a low weight many customers like it. This model can have long and short height and also can be simple and complicated although. English model can be used for fences, grills, doors and stairs. Thamen trading has many type of product that can be used for English models. You can make your own model by selecting custom designs.

Projects Information :

  • Product : English Model
  • Project Name : English Model
  • Location : Gilan - Astaneh
  • Owner/Builder : Engineer abbas noury
  • Architect : Engineer abbas noury

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Projects of this Product


Combination of the world's leading wrought iron art and old inscriptions were shown in this door. More attention and deeper into the door with the inscription reminds us of the beautiful old doors throws. The door can give authority to your building.Combinations of the world-leading wrought iron art and old inscriptions are shown in this door.


Pichak design is a symbol of beauty of God's creation, benefiting beautiful nature and model of animals and plant could be one of Samen Corporation Products

Black Sens

Sens Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral in Sens in Burgundy, eastern France.


The design of Laleh doors one of those which has simplicity and complexity at the same time.

Luxury Sanfrancisco

Because of the variety of Samen Ferforge wrought iron, we always need a new and unique designs.

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This door is one of Samen Company's proud that has Persian unique taste when designing and building it that you can see in diferent parts and sides of the door.

Black Venus

The techniques used in this door are the most up-to-date and most sophisticated methods of making forged products in Iran.


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