Brelian Lobby Door

Diferent pieces have been used to make Brelian doors.


Product : Brelian Lobby Door

Diferent pieces have been used to make Brelian doors. Next to the beauty of the main structure of the door this materi-al has been greatly completeness of the maze. The combination of cast-iron and iron has made this door in the complex doors, architecturally. Such doors will not be obtained without the proper use of lock smithy art and the proper use of forging rules. Depending on the type of frame used in the Brelian door, lobby and indoor spaces are the most suitable option for installation. By combining the elements and beauties of nature in their products Samen Ferforge continues to maintain life and refreshment.

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English Model is one of the most simple and classical product of this company. You can find this model all around the world.

Daste Gol

When you look at it as first time reminds you harness, violence and roughness even though, delicacies and arts that experienced smiths of Samen have used create a beautiful scene.

Gray Dayereh Mosavar

There are always diferent tastes among diferent segments of society why successful companies think that they can meet the tastes of its varied customer satisfaction.

Black Venus

The techniques used in this door are the most up-to-date and most sophisticated methods of making forged products in Iran.


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Pichak design is a symbol of beauty of God's creation, benefiting beautiful nature and model of animals and plant could be one of Samen Corporation Products. When you note to the end of straps will resemble a snail in your mind. Even the leaves that are symbols of cypress, pine, tulips and other beautiful plants could be noted in the door.